October 10, 2018

Hey y’all! My name is Bianca Cantrell, author if Her Humble Hunt/ Founder/President of The Beauty & Her bow Foundation. Born to the North, raised in the sweet southern peach state called Georgia. bj 4I spent my earlier years of life as many would have in most ways. From a young age, I happily gave my heart to humanity. Raised in the Bible Belt, the daughter of a southern minister, I was fortunate to experience the shelter of my family and community. I was raised in an environment that was saturated with love, kindness, understanding and above all a humble natured attitude.  I was easy for me to know early on that happiness could be found in the service to others. The time eventually came for me to embark on my own journey  in life . Happiness , met sadness, leaving behind childhood memories of make believe hunting in the woods my family owned.  I grew up wandering the woods, no shoes, pocket knife, no curfew , wild curly hair, and an adventurous, fearless, stubborn mind. I can recall my pretend play as I stalked the woods with my spear I’d just whittled to a point with my knife. Pretending like I was lost in the wild and had to hunt to eat. It’s very much comical in ways but in other ways, it became apart, I had already years back, known what made me happy, and kept my mind captivated.

My family did not hunt, those around us did however. With no one to take me hunting, I just did the best I could with imagination. Not much changed over the years regarding my quiet place being in the woods. One thing continued to become more tormenting to me however. The  feeling that something was always pulling me away from home, but not to a tourist town or big city beach side. No, what was pulling me, was always whispering from the woods. Hiking lefty me wondering why I’d walk so long and hard, just to turn around or never see the of a trail. The views beautiful but no sense of fulfillment came through the the trails and terrain. I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity of camping off the land, but again, after a short time, I’d ask myself “what now”.  This became what was normal and how I felt for many years, always searching for something I found that fully captivated my mind again.

Fast forward to 2016 and the day my fiancé out of the blue asked me if I’d like to hunt with him. He had taken a few years off from hunting for uncontrollable reasons. The answer was yes! With no idea that one question would change my life, I went on my first hunt February of 2017. We went south to hunt feral hogs in South Georgia, this proved to be such a pivotal point for me. I experienced the cold, the rain, the wind and the darkness of the woods I’d never before seen from hiking and camping.
Leaving home expecting to bring back pork, coming home empty handed, tired and frustrated. wondering how three days of hunting from sun down well past midnight…did it even grant me the privilege of seeing one single hog. bj

I remember the trip back home, it was a little quiet and my mind was working overtime. By the time we got home, my frustration had turned into something I can only describe as being fixated. The feeling of defeat was met by the feeling of not giving up. It’s a hard thing to describe the way I can crave to hunt, the hunt in itself, the pursuit. I craved to learn how I could make my odds better next time. I was already consumed by the thoughts of why I never saw a single hog, what did I do, or didn’t do, what did I need to do in order to make it happen next time! before I even had a chance to look back on this hunt , I was diving head first into my first spring turkey season. The chase in the wild turkey was quick to have me hooked. Hunting through a thunderstorm, seeing the gander at the very end, only to realize….turkeys were fast…and they could fly!! I can tell some funny moments I’ve experienced out of my lack of knowledge, that’s for sure!  I was fortunate to harvest just weeks later my first wild turkey, taking it with my bow I had literally only been shooting a few weeks.

It was a a hunt story only luck saw me through! It’s almost been a blur from that point on. Picking up some bowfishing along the way, going to Florida to bowfishing sting rays was a highlight. I took my first hog in Florida shortly after, coming right back home to kickstart deer season on the lease. I lost myself in those woods, didn’t want to be found or looked for. Spending 3-5 days a weeks across state lines in North Alabama. Growing pains made their home here. Many, many things learned the hard way, but victory came just in time with a nice mature 8 pointer during the second wave rut. bj 3 Winter cane early, it came fast and it came hard. I lost a month of hunting due to the unexpected winter. Sitting at home, with a head full of moments to remember, as the season slipped though my fingers.

Hunting, a word that seems so simplistic in nature but far from simplistic in any form. I knew early that I had had finally found the source of the whispers I heard coming from the woods. I had found what I feel I was meant to be capable of as a human being. No longer observing nature, but instead now actively participating in the very life cycle itself. I have a craving to compete, and I’ve been competing my entire life. My competition remains the same, that person being myself. I live for things that I know I work for. I take so much joy and happiness from seeing my goals set, them surpassing them. I found that the harvest turned to meals, makes for a mindset that brings overwhelming self satisfaction. The pride in my children’s voice telling their friend that their mom is a hunter! Like I’m a superhero in camo! In a world dependent on connivence, I thrive in the knowledge that makes me capable of survival without a grocery store.

Somewhere towards the end of the deer season 2017, I decided to kickstart the Her Humble Hunt website. With numerous individuals both women and men, aiding in my education, I wanted to share pay it forward. By sharing the views from the perspective of someone new and developing, I hoped to help others seeking information, encouragement and above all a reminder that it’s ok to be a beginner! I was to show that there is no shame in not knowing something, no shame in making mistakes! Without the efforts of experienced hunters, there would be no bridge to fill the gap of those not raised in a hunting family. I wanted to highlight  women who inspired me, share information in joining conservation groups and nonprofit volunteer work opportunities! Hunting is a way of life, a lifestyle in itself. The community of people who create it, are what make it special!

Now with my first Canadian Black bear hunt a success and my second wild turkey subspecies harvest push for the NWTF Grand Slam title this spring, my heads in the woods and my obsession continues to grow. You can’t predict what Mother Nature will dish out, all you can do is be willing to face off with confidence. I’ve seen moments of terror from learning to use a climbing stand, to being afraid to walk the woods in the dark to beat first lite. I’ve had to face a lot of fear and doubt. I’ve failed on many occasions but been uplifted by my circle of support. This is what hunting does for me in my life and development. What happens in the woods, will be most certainly a key factor how who you are and the person you want to become in the world.

I like remind anyone with the expert in anything was once a beginner. I hunt because I was born to be on top of the food chain. Not in a drive through dependent on food I did not earn. I want anyone with a desire, to have the means to feel the same as I do when I walk without doubt in the woods to hunt wild game. My body becomes the  servant to my mind with fierce determination to not even know what a comfort zone means with so much momentum to run on.

I found a an unexpected added joy when I started to bowhunt. With more than one reason why, I set out to establish the Beauty & Her Bow Foundation.  Knowing too well the weight of financial responsibilities, I hope to fill the gap for many deserving dedicated hunters.  Beauty & Her Bow is nonprofit dedicated to seeing women receive their first bow set up, backed by forum support and various web published videos and on going mentorship. I hope to see the first set up go to new homes in 2019!

I don’t know where my journey may lead me next. I don’t like to attempt to plan too much, I feel this may hinder what could have been, and limit the unexpected! No idea where my hunt may take me next. I know I’m on the path I was meant to travel. With the people I couldn’t replace.

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As always, Hunt Hard! Stay Humble


July 25, 2018 | Cara Thompson

Hi, my name is Cara. I live on a small farm in Southern Wisconsin.  

I have always loved the outdoors even as a young child.  As I have grown older I have learned to love and appreciate wildlife and nature.  


I really started getting into hunting after I graduated from High School.  My boyfriend, now husband who is an avid hunter and fisherman, introduced me to gun deer hunting.  Not only did I think it was fun, but I also loved to watch the wildlife in their natural environment without them even knowing I was there.  As time went on, he introduced me to fishing, coon, pheasant, rabbit, squirrel, turkey, goose and coyote hunting as well as trapping.  

For Christmas about four years ago, my husband bought me a new bow.  This is something I have wanted to try but just never acted on it.   With a new bow in hand and lots of practice I was ready for the upcoming deer hunt.  I also participate in the 3D Bow Shoots throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.



Turkey hunting has always been a passion of mine.  The anticipation of waiting for the turkey to come across the field to my decoys seems to be too much to handle. But, with my husband by my side to calm me down and make sure it is the right moment to make the perfect shot.


Bow hunting has now been a favorite.   I cannot wait to get off work, rush home. On the weekends I love getting up early in the morning and head to my stand.  I get anxious nervous on my way to the stand not knowing what the hunt will bring.  My heart starts racing when I see a deer come in close.  My husband has always told me to &calm down and take my time&.  I think over the last four years, I can count on one hand how many mornings I have missed.  

I also love to gun hunt.  The emotions are the same but with a shorter season. During the deer hunting season whether it be bow or gun, when there is no deer action, my husband and I text back and forth and make it fun.  If we have a small deer under us we take a picture and send it to the other.  There is no one else on this earth that I would rather hunt with than my husband.

Two years ago, we heading to Alberta for a spot and stalk bear bow hunt.  I was blessed to harvest two nice black bears. The hunt was unnerving knowing that at anytime we could encounter a grizzle bear.  We walked and hiked up and down the foothills.  Once a bear was spotted, the stalk was on.  My first bear I shot at 37 yards and my second I snuck up to 28 yards.  What a rush. Thank goodness, we did not see any.  This was an awesome hunt and I would love to do it again.


Every year my husband and I take a trip to Canada for a week long fishing trip.  We love the quiet and quality time together.  We also love catching and eating our daily catch.  


Hunting, Fishing and Loving Everyday!


July 04, 2018 | Joni Marie

I was born and raised in Alaska in a very pro hunting family. My father was of one of the first hunting guides in the state of Alaska (35th hunting guide license ever issued in the state). He was a Master Guide and Outfitter and an incredible bush pilot.  2dadjonihikeI flew with him all over the state, landing on glaciers, on beaches, lakes and many other places that were unreachable without a small bush plane. I had the privilege to some incredible things like: fly low down a beach beside a herd of musk ox as they ran down the shore and I’ve gotten to fly over a brown bear on the side of a mountain and watch it kick out of a den and come tumbling out into the sunlight. Our family were commercial fisherman so unlike most kids, I never had a summer “off.” I worked in our family business in Kenai, Alaska in the muck and the mud, in the boats on the ocean, getting slimy and setting nets, picking fish and delivering them to the processor. While I never got to play with my friends for the summer growing up – I would not change a moment of my childhood. I learned the value of a hard days work and true work ethic. I developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a respect for mother nature and the dangers that can come in a moment on the sea or in the elements. By the time I was out of college my father had fallen ill and was no longer able to fly his plane or hunt with me. He was an avid bowhunter, hunting many Alaska big game species with his recurve and while I shot recurve bows with him – I had not hunted with a bow. That all changed when I took my first black bear with a bow and I was hooked. My husband and I decided to pursue our true passions and left our careers to open a large archery store and indoor range. We rapidly grew to be the largest in the state and suddenly were working 100 hours a week for a whirlwind of 7 years. During that time I continued to bow hunt, taking 24 big game animals with my bow including being the 6th woman in history to take a Brown Bear with a bow, which also made the Pope and Young Record book. JoniBrownBearRevised I hunted everything from moose, goat, sheep, several black bears to going over to Africa to hunt and hunting game in the lower 48 like a hair raising spot and stalk alligator in Florida among many others! During these years I was also a volunteer instructor for Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Women’s program and I developed a real passion for helping women and youth get started in hunting. I began a company called Rockstarlette Outdoors and started taking women on group bow hunts, coaching them before and during the hunt and I got a great amount of joy in seeing them be successful. I continued to expand RO and it became a women’s lifestyle clothing line as well as the group trips and grew with great enthusiasm. ROGRPleggingsbkbeach4ROGRPCliffbestIt seemed that there were a lot of women that identified with my company motto which is: “Encourage. Inspire. Empower.” My company is built around kindness, around women supporting and encouraging each other. I believe that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. I began to develop a team of women within my brand that also believed in my vision and things were really moving in a positive direction with both my archery store and my brand. Then, I began having some terrible health trouble that landed me over and over in the ER. I was blindsided to learn that I had a rare disease that is untreatable and uncurable. Initially I was told that I was the fastest progressing case that the Dr’s had ever seen and I was told that they expected me to live 2 more years before I either died from renal failure (kidney) or before my lung capacity loss was so severe that I would be living in a hospital bed on oxygen. The devastation for a go getter like me was totally overwhelming. My husband and I decided to sell our archery store and spend the time that I had left together knocking things off our bucket lists and living life to the fullest. We sold the store, I returned to Africa – taking a group of women with me for a Rockstarlette Outdoors ladies adventure and had an incredible trip. AFKuduProKAFwildebeestJOnigroup AFOstrichJoni2I set up multiple more group trips and continued to volunteer teach archery classes for women. I received the Diana Award from Safari Club International Alaska for my work in hunting education and empowerment of women and youth. I realized that I had a lot more that I wanted to accomplish. I slowly adjusted my victim attitude from the diagnosis to one of a fighter. I realized that Dr’s don’t take into account the will of the person, the power of prayer and the strength that comes from a positive outlook. I sought an expert on my rare disease and found one at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. I’m very happy to say, now 2 years later that I am doing pretty well overall. I have lost 28% of my lung capacity, I do deal with severe circulation issues, I have been in the ER this winter several times for my kidneys etc… but I am alive, happy, hopeful and determined. The Dr’s at the Mayo Clinic had a much better outlook for me, with some procedures and correct medications we’ve been able to slow the progression and they have lifted that idea of an “expiration date” on life off completely – even more so if I could move to a warmer environment where my circulation and lung issues would be much better. Shortly after this positive news at Mayo, I lost my hero, my father, to his illness. I was totally devastated by that loss and decided it was time to make a change. My home in Alaska is now up for sale and I am building a new home in Arizona, 5 minutes from an excellent hunting area. While leaving a state that I was born and raised in, the beauty of this extreme place and some amazing hunting opportunities is very tough; I also look forward to better health, hunting new game and embarking on new adventures! I will be continuing Rockstarlette Outdoors – both the brand and the group adventures and have plans to continue to expand and grow. BhsunsetgirlsI get as much joy from seeing someone else harvest an animal as I do in taking one for myself. I also really enjoy connecting women who love the outdoors with each other, creating a sisterhood of support for others. BHjoniPrissbearnew I enjoy every aspect of hunting from the training, to the planning to the moments spent in camp bonding to the harvest and the after glow in the days that follow. I truly love showing that process to others and helping them to fall in love with the whole hunting experience. I take great pride in providing healthy wild game and every time I hunt – I feel like I am closer to my father. I pray that I am making him proud, continuing his legacy as an ethical hunter and conservationist and helping to inspire others that they can accomplish anything.

– Joni Marie



May 30, 2018 | Gabriella Hoffman 

Host of the Facebook Live series “Sportswomen You Ought to Know” and an outdoor/political writer who focuses on outdoor policy Gabriella Hoffman is a strong woman with a positive presence who is making her way and paving the path for others.

Gabriella is also an avid angler, gun owner, concealed handgun permit holder in Virginia and new hunter! We love that she is a new hunter who has such a strong stance for the outdoors and tremendous knowledge.

IMG_20180529_231501_338 IMG_20180529_231458_169 IMG_20180529_231454_791

She is a media strategist based in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. Her main focuses are in social media strategy, strategic communications,  branding, public relations, marketing, digital strategies, and speaking/trainings. To add to her talents she is also a creative columnist with many accomplished publishing’s.

You can learn more about Gabriella here as well as follow her adventures and involvement.


May 16, 2018 | Suzy Zick (Pokorny)

A little about me! I’m a proud mama of 4 daughters (3 mine, one step) Over the years I’ve become increasingly passionate about the outdoors, particularly fishing and hunting. IMG_9868Although I grew up fishing with my father on some of Oregon’s most beautiful rivers and  lakes, it wasn’t until my adult life that I truly turned to the outdoors as a therapy and an escape. Hunting and fishing both have taught me more about patience and humility than I ever imagined. It’s been a learning process that I’ve wanted to dominate all on my own, but so much of it absolutely wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and support of my other half. For me, hunting has become a way of life. It’s become a fine balance of patience, knowledge, perseverance, and skill. It’s 14 hours days, missing dinner, navigating through the snow, and falling down in the mud and it’s providing for my family in the most natural and healthiest way. IMG_9869
A few years ago, I found myself a single mother of 3. I was consumed with anxiety and stress on a daily basis and felt as though I was treading water in life. I remembered the solace I felt fishing as a child with my father and decided to return to a rod and reel to IMG_9870navigate my newly shattered life. I knew nothing about salmon or steelhead and hadn’t the slightest clue on how to fish for either. In an industry dominated by men, I became bound and determined to learn on my own. By year 2, I was trekking through timber bound and determined to take my passion for the outdoors to a new level and tag out during hunting season. Fishing and hunting have become staples in my life and in the lives of my children. It has become my time for prayer, reflection, thought, and gratitude. It has, at time, been the saving grace of my relationship because let’s be honest, it’s hard to stay mad at your other half when you’re together in some of the most beautiful terrain on earth.

I am a board member for The OHA – Tioga chapter and have been involved in ODFW social media on and off over the last year. Second to being outdoors, my passion is writing. Being the granddaughter of an author and an English teacher, writing has become my way of expression. I love sharing with others my experiences and lessons learned. I dream of having a blog or being able to write in conjunction with the thoughts and stories of others.



May 02, 2018 | Jessica Gatchet

I live with my husband and son in central Oregon. 20171231_153103We are a very out doorsy family. I love living in the woods and spend every waking moment in them that I can, I also have a passion for fishing and love being on the water! I started fishing at a very young age but only started hunting large game in 2013. I however growing up I hunted rabbits, quail and coyotes, but the moment a friend took me out to track deer I was hooked. FB_IMG_1514790647041I love hunting not only for providing my family with healthy food but also for the amazing things you see while hunting.


April 18, 2018 | Brittany Pepowski

Baby BassMy name is Brittany and I’ve been hunting in the great state of Wisconsin since about age 14.  For me, hunting wasn’t something I was always passionate about.  I actually started tagging along because it is one of my Dad’s favorite pastimes.  I went because I knew it would make him happy.  As I grew older, and was able to carry a gun myself, I think I hunted mostly because I liked the reaction of surprise from people when I would tell them I hunted; especially the boys.  It wasn’t until about age 23 when I actually understood and appreciated the beauty of what hunting could bring.  My Dad would always say that his “happy place” was in the tree stand listening to the world wake up as the sun rises.  He said it all the time, but one morning as I was sitting in the stand it finally hit me and all of a sudden I knew that the woods would be my new happy place.

We’ve hunted Wisconsin whitetails and turkeys for as long as I can remember and as the predation changes in our area we are adapting to that as well.  We now have a stronger need for coyote tags, and bears are working their way into our area as well.  I am primarily a gun hunter, but have recently purchased a bow.  From the time I handed Tom Turkeyover the money for my bow, my life was turned upside down.  How did 28 years go by without me letting an arrow fly?  There’s something so relaxing and empowering about the art of archery.  I’m officially addicted.  Right now I am still learning about my bow and how to hunt with it.  I do not want to rush into the woods with my bow because I do not feel that is ethical.  The last thing I’d want to do is injure an animal due to ignorance and anxiousness.  It’s very important to me that as a hunting community we respect the animals and work together to lift up and empower each other.

My husband, who is not a hunter, does still support my passion.  We are not a couple that hunts together, and you know what?  After 11 years, seven married, we’re still together.  We have those things that we enjoy doing together, but over the years we’ve learned that we have to have our own hobbies.  We have to have something that can be our “escape.”  Our relationship is perfect, in fact, since recognizing the fact that we don’t have to do everything together; we’ve grown much stronger and closer.  There are times that we disagree on the amount of time that should be dedicated towards our hobbies, but we’ve also matured since high school and have learned the skill of compromising.  We also have a beautiful three year old daughter and I cannot wait to introduce her to the beauty of God’s wilderness.  Grandpa already has a bowed stashed away for her too.




April 04, 2018 | Austyn Little

My name is Austyn Little. I am a 23 year old married woman!Wedding Day - WEB SIZE-852 (And loving it) When I’m not hunting, scouting or hiking out in the woods, I am a full time cosmetologist, auntie, dog mom, and friend. I work in a little small town where I have 70% male clientele because they all know I hunt! Which is pretty cool! When I’m not at work, I am spending time with my husband and German Shorthair Pointer Jager. I have two nephews that I love to the death and hope that want to hunt just like Uncle Preston one day. I am a outgoing, chit chatty, loving, caring, and honest person. I’m always trying to be my best possible self in hopes that people see the goodness shine out of me and that it brightens their day!

Being a huntin wife for me is a woman that uses the wildlife, nature, hiking, harvesting a animal, everything about the adventures of hunting, isn’t just a choice, it’s a life style. Being a hunter is being a good in honest person in my opinion. 11933455_10204952086584064_7264724915773454462_nEvery hunter I know is good, humble, a hard worker, and everything, every single person on earth should inspire to be! So being a huntin wife is being an example to the world of how we should be all the time.SONY DSC




March 2, 2018 | Chelcie Wimmer

My name is Chelcie, I’m a single mom from small town Utah. image4When I was a little girl I was raised by mostly my dad so I always had a BB gun and my dog with me. The older I got the more I fell in love with the outdoors and hunting. My dad gave me my first bow at age 13 when I passed hunter safety. It wasn’t until a few years later that I fell in love with shooting and used it as a form of therapy for me. Now I am trying to raise my son with the same love and respect for the wild as I have. My favorite moments are with him on the mountain camping and searching for wildlife. For me it’s not always about the kill of an animal. It’s learning and pushing myself and accomplishing more each time I’m on the mountain.


Being a Huntin’ Wife to me is more about being a hunting mom. I am so compassionate about passing on traditions on to my son and having him experience real life things over video games and tv. It is also about bringing strong women together with the same love as me. I have met some amazing women through hunting, some I look up to and strive to be like, and some that I have watched grow into beautiful people having those outdoor experiences with their families. Me and my son spend all our free time in the summer camping and scouting for my hunts. I also am involved in a couple outdoor archery leagues. In the winter I help with the Mule Deer Foundation with projects to help protect, or relocate urban deer in our area. Me and my son also like to travel and see not just Utah but neighboring states and all they have to offer. image3

Women supporting women instead of bringing them down is a rare thing these days. I think there is something all women can learn and teach each other.



March 21, 2018 | Jessica Kolvites

My name’s Jessica and I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania with my husband and our chocolate lab Ellie May. IMG_2806

IMG_3542Growing up, hunting was about my dad and brother getting up in the middle of the night and once in a while coming home with a deer. I always loved eating venison and can remember as a young kid my dad and I would deer steaks with ketchup. Although I grew up around hunting, I didn’t actively hunt until I met Eric when I was 18 years old. I started bow IMG_0001hunting at this time and fell in love. My second year of hunting I was fortunate enough to harvest my first deer, an 8 point buck with my bow. I will never forget that feeling. Fast forward 6 years later, I hunt with my bow and rifle as much as I can in PA and NY.

IMG_0491To me, being a hunting wife is about being able to bring home delicious meat and serve it to my friends and family in a variety of dishes. I love to cook and love to eat wild game, and my goal is always to show people that eating venison is amazing and not the ‘gamey’ meat they remember. Plus what better feeling is it as a wife to know that not only can you bring home the bacon, but you can cook it too!! I try to encourage people to look past the stigma hunting can have, and realize the hunt is about so much more than the kill.



March 14, 2018 | Gabrielle Shaker


My names Gabrielle and I am a 24-year-old from a small town in pa! I live with my husband and 2 bird dogs who I love! I’ve always loved the outdoors and grew up playing in the woods and on my grams farm however I didn’t start hunting until I met my husband. When we first met we were two 15-year olds who lived 45 mins apart and only saw each other on the weekends. He told me that once hunting comes I won’t see him as much unless I wanted to come out with him. So, I said yes! And from there my passion for not only hunting but the outdoors really evolved.
I work in a nursing home as a physical therapist assistant and I love it, working with the geriatric population has really made me appreciate life more!


Gabrielle states “Being a Huntin’ Wife to me means to positively promote the outdoors and to support woman who have a passion for hunting and the outdoors. I want to build each other up and support one another. In todays world there is so much hate and discouragement its refreshing to see people being supportive.”
In my spare time I love to do crafts and ride horses! I Love going to the barn and helping out it’s so rewarding to get to be around such beautiful animals.IMG_20170921_221416_384


February 28, 2018 | Amanda Spence

My name is Amanda and I grew up in Ukiah, CA–a few hours North of San Francisco. I’m currently enjoying the beautiful, serene outdoors of Southern Oregon and am hoping within the next year to be living in next the amazing state of Idaho.IMG_20170924_203953_391
Although hunting has always been something I grew up around, it was primarily geared towards the men in my family. The most vivid memory I can recall, I was around the age of 8 or 9, driving around with my Grandpa on some property, while my uncle’s patiently spot + stalk hunted for a blacktail buck. At the end of the night, back in the shop of my Grandparents ranch, I sat quietly, eagerly, trying to learn–watching them skin out a beautiful buck. Thankfully today, we have all found common ground and can happily sit and talk about hunting all day.
Now, my first hunting opportunity didn’t come until a little later in my life, when I started dating my boyfriend, Mathew. He and his dad are life long hunters and they gently introduced me to a world that they hadn’t shared with a female before. My boyfriend even went and bought me my first bow, that I decked out in as much pink as possible, just to make it stand out from his, to make it my own. He patiently taught me everything that his dad had taught him. We would shoot for hours in the backyard and they would quietly watch me shoot, regroup, then teach me and help me learn from my mistakes. I finally got up the courage to complete my hunters safety course in the late Summer of 2012, I then bought my hunting license and a rifle tag, we were ready to go! I didn’t own one single thing geared towards hunting–I was dressed in my blue jeans, cowboy boots, a Walmart special Mossy oak shirt (bought the day before) and I had my boyfriends .270 on my shoulder. We sat on the hillside for about an hour, before a black bear made it’s way out of the tree line many yards below us, that was my first experience with wildlife IN the outdoors.
IMG_20170410_211042_000     101950298
Fast forward to today–my boyfriend and I have been hunting partners for a few years now and although I am still yet to have a successful harvest, we have made so many memories and he continues to support me in every decision I make! From being within 20170924_16163520 yards of a beautiful black bear here in Oregon (of course, no bear tag at the time) and only having my bow in hand, to narrowly missing a large bull elk while driving to our hunting spot one opening morning, to coming across a pack of coyotes that were so large! I have developed such a love and connection for being outdoors and I am so thankful my better half fully immersed me into this lifestyle and shares the same passion.
I am still learning all there is to know about myself while hunting, about my bow and shooting her–heck, I make mistakes and have to remind myself to regroup and learn– and about the beautiful wildlife we encounter. You can never learn too much and that is what I love about hunting and the outdoors. I have so much planned for the 2018 seasons from shed season all the way to my first out of state rifle hunt in Idaho with my boyfriend and his Dad! I cannot wait for the memories, and the feeling of filling my tags! I look forward to 2018, to seeing everyone’s success and sharing my own!



February 21, 2018 | Andrea Fumeo

I am originally from Santa Rosa, CA. I came up here (to Oregon) in 2006 when I met my husband. I was used to city life and was in for a rude awakening. My life quickly turned into fishing, camping, gold mining and hiking. In 2011, we welcomed our first child, Wyatt. We introduced him to our outdoors lifestyle. In 2013, while we were waiting for my daughter to make her entrance, my husband started hunting. IMG_0008It was great having meat that we could provide. I started hunting the next year and got my first buck after my daughter’s first birthday party was over. During this time, we had also started caring for my grandmother who was 96 at the time. We had to limit our activities to be home with her. We did not camp and only made day trips. We started bowhunting in 2016 but it was short lived because we found out my grandma had lung cancer in September. So I ended my season and my husband luckily tagged out opening weekend for rifle. I did not pick up my bow until 2017, when I started training with Elevation Fitness Training. We both elk hunted this last season, had a few close encounters, but could not get close enough. We make sure to always include our children and rarely do something if our kids cannot come. We try to be very family orientated.

image3 (1)


January 24, 2018 | Candy Jones

I love the outdoors, and I love hunting, but as a woman I haven’t always been afforded that opportunity.20180124_081414
I spent my childhood playing outside , but never really got an opportunity to hunt. As a young Native American girl on a reservation in the south I was told my place was in the home and the kitchen, but I was allowed to help in the orchard and garden. (And I did build rabbit traps and put those to good use!) I just looked at hunting as one of those things I wanted to do but would never get the chance because of my circumstances.23471991_301541537009707_2977420933610061327_n
Then I reunited with my high school sweetheart (who is an avid hunter) and he took me under his wing and taught me everything I need to know about hunting, and I couldn’t be more grateful! I feel so at peace and sod alive when I am in the woods! Yes, I still garden (and clean) and I pass what my people taught me to my children. But I am passing a new tradition to both my son and my daughter, that women and girls can be anything they want to be. If that means they are up before dawn with a rifle or bow in hand, waiting for that perfect deer to step out , then that just awesome! I want to encourage every little girl and woman that wants to hunt and fish, and let them know that we can do it just as well as any man, we just do it a little prettier. ❤️25158377_313594905804370_8355844454942190255_n

January 17, 2018 | Yvonne Bitikofer

Early Season HuntMy name is Yvonne Bitikofer, and I was introduced to bow hunting by my best friend and love of my life Jeff. I began shooting a bow 2 years ago and was immediately hooked on it.  The first time I picked up a bow I had no idea that it could be so challenging, relaxing and frustrating all at the same time. After some coaching from Jeff, and lots of practice I went with him on a hunt one evening in November. I’ll never forget the rush I felt from the slightest little crunch of a twig or leaf. Since then our hunting adventures together just keep getting better. It has turned into an almost obsessive passion. Bow season at my house consists of every weekend we get up and get Y&J 2017 Doeout in the blind well before daylight to watch the show begin, and during the week we talk about the weekend, excited for more opportunities to learn more, become better hunters, and most importantly share our experiences and time together. The kill is only a moment. The journey to the moment is the hunt. I’ll take the hunt any day.


January 03, 2018 | Taren Weigandt

Our first #HuntinWifeWednesday feature of 2018 goes out to a local Oregonian! This lady is very passionate about her family and hunting! She is a busy mom to 2 twin boys and a daughter who all share the same passion as her. Be sure to check her out on social media to learn more about her. 

Hi everyone! My name is Taren Weigandt and I am honored to share a little bit aboutIMG_4281 myself with you! I was raised in a hunting household but my passion for the outdoors has only grown in my adult years. My husband and I have three awesome kids who love getting outdoors with us and we try to include them in the hunting process as much as possible, even at their young ages. We live in NW Oregon and primary hunt Roosevelt elk and blacktail deer, but every couple of years we venture east to hunt muleys and rocky mountain elk!

I have a personal blog called “Binos in the Diaper Bag” where I share a lot about my hunting experiences as well as showcase men and women who are helping kids get outdoors! I believe that it’s our job, as sportsmen, to pass on the hunting heritage to our future generations. Like most habits in life, they are learned at an early age. If we can introduce responsible, ethical hunting to our youth while they are young, it is my hope that they will blossom into our future generations of conservationists!

IG: taren.weigandt
FB: Taren Weigandt Outdoors
Blog: http://www.binosinthediaperbag.com


December 27, 2017 | Leslye Leslie

This past summer I traveled to Utah to assist Sereena Thompson with teaching the rifle class at the Ladies Hunting Camp I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet southern lady! Leslye has the cutest southern accent and a personality that draws you to her! She is such a sweet down to earth lady! This week we feature her as our #HuntinWifeWednesday! I absolutely love how she took her situation, turned it around to make it such a blessing, and it looks like her husband got his wish after all! -Stacey

I am Leslye Leslie.  FB_IMG_1511725400544

I started a life in the outdoors as a last resort!  I had been diagnosed with malignant melanoma and could not bask gloriously in the sun anymore.  My sweet husband has been hunting and fishing since he could walk!

He had begged me for a decade of marriage already to go hunting with him.  He got me this time with “Babe.  Your dermatologist will be so happy for you to hunt.  You get long pants, long sleeves, a hat, and face mask!”FB_IMG_1511725588678
I folded and went with him, and truly fell in love.  I went in 200% since 2012 and I am now a competition shooter with USPSA and some 3 Gun.  I started rifle and crossbow hunting in Georgia, but now hunt mostly with a compound bow.FB_IMG_1511725729947
I have been teaching ladies pistol and sport shooting classes for several years as well.
My dream is to get an elk next season with my bow.  I encourage any lady to go out and give hunting and fishing a try.  I had no idea what I was missing before.  This lifestyle has truly deepened my marriage, made for greater family memories out camping and hunting together, and best of all is sharing it with others.FB_IMG_1511725489612


December 20, 2017 | Holly Overman

Biggest BuckI was raised on a cattle farm in West Tennessee. We are a simple family who believe in hard work, dedication and a strong faith in Christ. I learned to respect the land with hunting and fishing, and to be happy with what you have. I have always had a love for the outdoors as some of the best memories I have from childhood were made outside in God’s Creation. Whether it be fishing with my Granddad, climbing trees or even working on the farm, I just loved being out there. As the years have passed, I have gained more and more interests in outdoor activities like shooting guns and riding motorcycles.
When I met my husband, Daniel, I really got into the hunting lifestyle. He is also an avid hunter, so we own and shoot a variety of guns. He has also taught me about archery, which I love and have now set my own goals to reach. With persistence and practice, I have managed to achieve many of the goals that I set for myself.

I created Doe Range in early summer of 2016. I love having the ability to share the love of the outdoors from a female’s perspective. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding through my own experiences and achievements. I have had failures as well as success, but I thank God for the opportunity to do it all. Each instance has been a moment to learn something new. I have filled many tags in the past and I look forward to filling more in the future, especially while teaming up with DOE Diaries. I persevere in my pursuits, even after many failed attempts; I have never given up.

Squirrel HuntFirst Turkey

During opening weekend of the 2017 season, I got the news that my husband and I are Hunting While Pregnantexpecting our first child together. I knew then my season was about to change, but I didn’t give it up. I chose to make the best of it as long as I was able. He will be raised to respect and enjoy the outdoors lifestyle for himself, just like his older brother. Inspiring the younger generation is almost more important to me because they are the ones to carry on what we love and enjoy. We as sportsmen/women need to be that positive role model to them because they will turn to someone or something to look up to.

Keep striving for your goals and dreams, because that’s how you succeed in anything in this life. I live by a Bible verse, Galatians 6:9 reads, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up”. I have based my life on those southern morals and values. ‘Neighbor helping neighbor’ as its written in the Word. God is my guide as I go out and hunt, while never taking for granted what he provides for us.


December 13, 2017 | Janice Lininger

We love getting stories of ladies sharing how they got involved in the outdoors and hunting and what is even more exciting is hearing the success stories of their first harvest! I can relate to Janice and her journey, my husband is also the one who introduced me to the world of bow hunting by wanting to share his passion of archery with me! I love Janice’s story and how she shares her reaction of placing her hands on her harvest for the first time. – Stacey 


20171109_112535At the age of 42 I picked up my first bow; that was 2 years ago.  My husband wanted to share his passion for archery with me. I wasn’t sure if this was something I would enjoy but I am the type to try anything once. After the first arrow left my bow I was hooked.  The challenge and relaxation I felt was and still is indescribable. We went to 3D shoots my first year to “prep” me for the upcoming season. I was able to walk away with 1st place in a 2 day women’s hunter class competition. I didn’t harvest a deer my first year, however on November 9, 2017  I was given my opportunity. It was a very quiet morning and an 11 point buck was 200 +yards in an open cornfield. I hit the grunt tube and the sound connected with his urge of curiosity during the Ohio rut. He started trotting across the field and didn’t stop. He crossed a small creek without missing a beat. I needed him to step just inside the woods to get a clean shot. He went beyond that and walked 20 yards from the bottom of my stand. I drew back, aimed, stopped him, held my mark and released. It was amazing. He gave me a little mule kick and walked off flipping his tale.

IMG_20171110_172910_883He walked 30 yards in a circle and crashed. My husband and I slipped out and gave him a few hours.  The track was easy with the amount of bright red and frothy blood. To be the first human to put my hands on him was amazing. All the hard work, practice and dedication was definitely worth it. The entire experience will never be forgotten and hopefully the first of many

-Janice Lininger, Paulding, Ohio


20171126_140204December 06, 2017 | Kiana Meyer


I’m Kiana Meyer I am 25 years old. Little background on me is I grew up in Nehalem, Oregon with my mother all the way through high school.  At the end of 2010 at the age of 18 I moved to Tillamook, Oregon where I met my husband Cyle. In 2014 Cyle and I got married, bought out first home, and in 2017 we welcomed our first child Aiden into our lives. Cyle was the first person to introduce me to hunting. Every year he takes me out with him on a few drives and some trails but I have yet to shoot anything. After having Aiden I fell so in love with being his mom and our new life as parents, but still wanted to do something for myself that would involve him and Cyle. I felt lost because I didn’t want to do the things I did before. I found myself bored with conversations I would have normally wanted to talk about, and felt like I didn’t have any interests or that I wasn’t allowed to because Aiden is my priority and I didn’t want to be selfish. Talking to Cyle about how I felt he agreed I needed a change. We talked about our goals and what I wanted out of this change. Cyle suggested I put more effort into learning about hunting. It was perfect; I can provide my family with the most organic foods, it’s something we can do as a family, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and this lifestyle is what we have wanted for our children from the beginning. I was so excited and can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. I swear my husband knows me better than I know myself sometimes. First thing I did was grab a hunting synopsis I wanted to know every detail there was to know… HOW BORING!!! Instead of reading a bunch of rules I wanted to have firsthand experience and learn from trial and error. I started watching Youtube videos and most of the hunters were bow hunting. I had never bow hunted before or really put much thought into it. After watching Outdoors Allie on Youtube bow hunt I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Drawing the bow back and pulling the release was so peaceful looking, I had to try. On December 2, 2017 I bought and shot my first compound bow…I’M HOOKED!! IMG_20171203_143314_212IMG_20160928_125037I have never been so excited to learn about something new like I am now. I’m not going to be shy or intimidated about being new to this we all start somewhere. I’ve had so much support from all levels of experienced women. It’s so nice knowing that there are other women to help and that they are so passionate about hunting and the outdoors, and I want to be one of them!

– Kiana


img_6946November 29th, 2017 | Shaianne Garland

My name is Shaianne Garland, I am 24 years young from the beautiful state of Oregon. I originally grew up in the small town of Dallas, Oregon with my mom and dad. Growing up, both my parents were quite involved in hunting and fishing. It was not until my teenage years that I became more actively involved in the outdoors. I would have to say my passion for hunting truly started with waterfowl hunting, which was one type of hunting my father did not do much of. I can still remember the first few times going out; I had a pair of cheap green fishing waders, a thin camo jacket and had no idea what the heck I was doing or that we would be sitting in the snow all morning! I remember trying to be very discrete about how confident I was that my toes had frostbite, but was having such an amazing time it helped distract me from thinking I may lose a toe or two. So fast forward a year or so and I was completely HOOKED! I took time to study and watch everything I could when I went out with friends, from watching the bird’s work, to the sounds and calls, and how many different birds there were and how to identify them all.  Eventually I lost connection with the people who originally started me on my obsession for waterfowl hunting, but I did not let that stop me. I bought myself a box of the “Puddler Pack” duck decoys, a cheap call, and upgraded my waders and was determined to spend every chance I could out searching for hunting spots, and new friends to come along.  I eventually met my now boyfriend who’s love for the outdoors is as big as mine. Although waterfowl hunting will always be our favorite, we also hunt for big game, turkey, and predators as well. With growing up riffle hunting I finally decided to purchase a bow about two years ago, and was overcome with joy when I was able to harvest a black-tailed buck that made Pope and Young. To me hunting is so much more then a hobby, it truly is a passion. I am grateful for the memories that are made out in the field, whether we are able to harvest an animal or not. I am constantly learning from my experiences and getting to meet new people with the same crazy love for the game as me along the way. I look forward to getting to pass all of this along to my children someday and teach them about the importance of not only hunting, but conservation.
-“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”
― Aldo Leopold





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