Huntin’ Wives

Two women both born and raised in Oregon, from completely different backgrounds met and bonded through Instagram by sharing MTN OPS recipes, and now have connected over our love and passion for all things outdoors. We wanted to create a platform that brought women together rather than turn us against one another.

In an industry dominated by men, we want Huntin’ Wives be that one place where women of all backgrounds can come together. We created Huntin’ Wives to be a safe support group through social networking and a website that connects women & wives of all walks of life in the outdoors. From those who love to fish, hunt and shoot to those who have the desire to learn more about the outdoors and explore these hobbies.

We are the first to offer a monthly feature of a female active in the outdoors as our Honorary Huntin’ Wife of the Month. Learn what got them started, and what drives them to continue to teach and be the example to those around them. We also are the first to offer a weekly feature we like to call #HuntinWifeWednesday (our version of #WomanCrushWednesday) on all of our Social Media outlets and on our blog. This allows us to feature more and more women getting it done in the outdoors and showing all of us that we can do it too.

We are always trying to grow and be of value to those who follow us. If there is ever anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to let us know. We want to be the “Go To” for all of the women who enjoy the outdoors or who want to learn more and get more involved!


Women Of Our Future Hunt

Our focus of hosting youth hunts is educating & empowering our future generations about the great outdoors and getting them involved in the tradition from a young age. We hope to pass on our love and passion of the outdoors to our future generations. It is our responsibility as avid sportswomen to pass the hunting heritage to the next generation and to build ethical hunters, responsible sportsmen and passionate conservationists.