All About Brittney Glaze

It’s that time of year that we all have been waiting for; Fall, Football is back and time to get out in the woods and enjoy sometime hunting and reflecting on life.

We know it’s a busy time of year for most of you as your hunting seasons are kicking off. We here in Oregon just wrapped up our early season archery hunts and have started out draw season for rifle hunting.

Many of you know Brittney for her huge passion of the outdoors, her modeling history and her work with Hunting For A Cure! Brittney is very down to earth outdoors-women from Georgia who is getting ready to take on the world with her soon to be husband. See some answers to the questions our followers had for Brittney.


– What inspired you to move forward with this feature with Huntin’ Wives?

First off thank you so much for featuring me! It’s such an honor! I love what y’all stand for and like you said it’s great to meet others that are real in this world of fake! I’ve been seeing posts and following you ladies on social media and I love what you stand for and that you’re encouraging and praising other women who share the same passions as we do. It was an honor to be asked.

– Where did you grow up? Do you have siblings?

I grew up right outside of Atlanta with my parents, older brother and a younger sister.

– When did you start hunting?

I started hunting my freshman year of high school or at least that’s when I started taking it seriously…I guess you could say me and my granny have been squirrel hunting off her porch since I was old enough to shoot a B.B. gun! 😂🤣


– What are 5 Must Have Items for your pack?

Early season:

Range finder
Late season:
Hand warmers


– How has modeling helped mold you into the person you have become today?

I started modeling around the same age I started hunting actually…I was a freshman in high school….I was pretty shy growing up and modeling helped tremendously with that. I cane out of my shell more and I got to travel the world and see amazing places and meet some really incredible people. It taught me a lot about life, struggles, discipline, hard work…I figured out who I really was because I traveled alone a lot once I turned 18 and you learn a lot about yourself when your alone for days and nights, taught me to never take my family and loved ones for granted because I missed them a lot and still do now when I’m away. Modeling also opened a lot of doors for me to take advantage of some once in a lifetime opportunities and also introduced me to the hunting industry in itself….as a hunter I didn’t even know the industry actually existed. Little did I know that my dream of becoming a bass pro model at 16 years old would’ve ever come true in less than 10 years of making that wish!

– Would you ever want to do a Women’s Hunt with Huntin’ Wives?

Yes definitely! I’m all about hunting with other women and us learning a thing or two from one another and enjoying the journey together.

– Who influences you the most as a hunter?

Our youth hunters honestly. I absolutely love taking kids hunting and being there to experience their first time ever in the stand. Kill or not we always have a good time and to see their eyes light up at every noise or movement just makes my heart flutter. This world is so caught up in technology and kids don’t get out in nature enough these days, so to watch them sit in a stand and experience the sunrise and sunset and all that God has created around us just warms my heart because they all go home with a memory they’ll never forget. If they do have a chance to see a deer or better yet harvest a deer I seriously get more excited for them than I do if I were hunting myself. My heart starts thumping thru my throat…I start shaking and can’t hardly breathe while they’re about to take that shot! Ahhh such a rush! I’m beyond proud of them when they’re able to close the deal or not. We as hunters need to get more youth out in the woods to just experience nature if not anything else. If we don’t we’re gonna lose the tradition of hunting and that’s a sad fact. Kids are our future and we need more people like us in the future to keep hunting and conservation apart of this world.


– Where are you going on your honeymoon? Are you incorporating any hunting into your wedding or decor?

We’re having a mini honeymoon right away literally two night but we found an adorable tree house to stay in near Nashville! We plan to take a real honeymoon next year and go out west. We’d love to go during hunting season and go on a hunt neither of us have ever done and experience it together! That’s our dream anyways so hoping we can pull it together by hunting season next year to make it happen!

Oh yes! We’re having deer meat at the rehearsal…we’ve been harvesting does for that. We will use antlers, turkey feathers and shotgun shells as some of our decor. Our wedding bands are made of antler too! They’re custom designed by stag head designs! We absolutely love them. Hunting is how God let our paths cross to begin with…hunting is what we’re both passionate about and it will forever be something we truly enjoy together.

– What has been your most successful hunt?

My most successful hunt would be my turkey grand slam last year! It took a lot of effort and traveling and many tears, blood and sweat were shed but I was able to get it done in one season! It was an awesome experience! I met some really cool people along the way that are now all good friends of mine and I have some beautiful turkey mounts coming soon!


– Do you plan to take your Hubby’s last name or keep yours for business?

I plan to keep both actually. I just plan on adding his to the end of mine. I definitely want to take his last name but also keep my own as I’ve built a name for myself the last 16 years! (Wow I’m getting old! Kinda makes me cringe to say that! Where did the time go?! LOL).


– Have you ever had the experience of hunting in a different country?

Canada for deer and bear but that’s it so far! I’d love to go to New Zealand or Australia some day!

– What is your favorite big game animal to hunt?

It’s so hard to answer that question because I love hunting everything for different reasons but whitetail hunting would be my favorite as of now. Once I go moose, elk or mule deer hunting I’ll let ya know if I change my mind! LOL!

– What is your favorite Wild Game meat?

Elk for sure! I’ve had elk from friends and it’s by far the best wild game I’ve ever eaten. We eat turkey and deer almost everyday around here…I never buy meat from the grocery store anymore.

– You volunteer your time with the foundation of Hunting For A Cure. Can you tell us a little bit more about that program?

Yes I do! Hunting For The Cure is an amazing organization based out of Georgia that takes kids who are diagnosed with cancer hunting and fishing all over the United States.  What’s special about the organization is that they not only take that child, they take their whole family; the parents and siblings as well! We believe that cancer affects the whole family because it does…and because of people like Keith Stille(Founder) we’re able to let these kids and their family smile again and make happy memories together and experience something new and meet other kids and families just like them. These kids and their families are now my family. They all mean SO much to me and that’s why they’re all going to be apart of our wedding day too. I call them “My kids” all the time and I laugh because people say “oh I didn’t realize you had kids” well they’re not mine biologically but they are MY kids! Haha they’re my hero’s and my friends. I love them more than they’ll ever know! Hunting For The Cure has been such a huge blessing in my life, there really are no words to express how the whole experience has made me feel but being there to guide for those kids is one of the most important things in my life. I try not to miss any hunts as long as I’m able. I feel like it’s my duty for God to be there for them.


– Do you prefer hunting big game or small game?


–  Who is your biggest supporter in your journey in the outdoors?

My biggest supporter in life in general is my Momma. She’s one amazing woman and has always been there for me from day 1 of my modeling days to now. She’s my biggest cheerleader and even though she’s not a hunter herself she is so very proud of me and all of my accomplishments in life and in the outdoors.


– Who is the most influential woman in the outdoor community for you?

I’d have to say Brenda Valentine. She was the First Lady to start filming and making a pathway for other women in the industry. She’s as real as it gets and she tells you like it is which is what I like most about her. There’s no fake when it comes to Brenda, it just is what it is. She’s accomplished so much in her journey and she still is everyday. She’s a real woman to look up to and I’m proud to call her a friend, thanks to Bass Pro for allowing our paths to cross.


– Do you have a favorite Wild Game Recipe you could share with us?

Oh gosh! This is gonna be a hard one! I actually just made a new one the other day that was delicious and easy! So I’ll share that!

Crockpot turkey:
Take 2 turkey breasts and put them in the crockpot on low for about 4-5 hours in your favorite marinade. We did a chipotle BBQ marinade. The turkey comes out so tender it melts in your mouth. We put it on our salads or you could put it on a tortilla or anything really! We usually smoke, grill or bake our turkey breasts but the crockpot was a WIN for the tenderness!

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