Turkey Time!

By Courtney Bonnin - MN - Huntin Wives  Pro Staff When it comes to turkey hunting, the earlier you start to monitor the local turkey population on or near your hunting property, the more success you will have when you start yelping, cutting, and clucking away at those love-struck Toms. For beginners or inexperienced turkey … Continue reading Turkey Time!


Hunters are Athletes

By Shantel Stratton - OR - Huntin'Wives Tribe Member There is no worse feeling than seeing animals two ridges over and knowing your body cannot physically carry you that far. It puts a knot in my stomach just thinking about it. My fiancé and I discovered Train to Hunt in 2018 and are so thankful … Continue reading Hunters are Athletes

Courtney With Freckles – March Honorary Huntin’ Wife

Once again we have been blessed to feature another amazing woman in the outdoors. We are truly lucky to connect with such amazing women who believe in our mission and are eager to connect more women in the outdoors Courtney has a positive presence, is down to earth and all about having fun! We love … Continue reading Courtney With Freckles – March Honorary Huntin’ Wife

All About Jordan Budd – February Honorary Huntin’ Wife

We have featured some amazing women over the last year, who's stories truly have touched others and brought more women into the outdoors. But this month's featured lady is someone that I know I truly look up to, and honestly am inspired by all the time. She is a true BAD A** lady who isn't … Continue reading All About Jordan Budd – February Honorary Huntin’ Wife