How Huntin’Wives Began…

By: Rachel Means - Huntin'Wives CO-Founder Growing up I was never the girl to have a lot of friends that were girls. We just never seemed to get along or see eye to eye and honestly weren't into the same things. I grew up playing lots of sports and enjoyed being outside rather than play … Continue reading How Huntin’Wives Began…


Backpack Stocking the Rogue River District High Lakes

By: Katelyn Lambert - OR - Huntin'Wives Pro Staff  8/6/2019 Most of us can remember the first time we held a fishing pole; we remember the first time we caught a fish with that pole and the excitement and joy that came along with it. We continue to enjoy making memories at ponds, lakes, and … Continue reading Backpack Stocking the Rogue River District High Lakes

Turkey Time!

By Courtney Bonnin - MN - Huntin Wives  Pro Staff When it comes to turkey hunting, the earlier you start to monitor the local turkey population on or near your hunting property, the more success you will have when you start yelping, cutting, and clucking away at those love-struck Toms. For beginners or inexperienced turkey … Continue reading Turkey Time!